About Us

Dedicated Educators


All educators participate in professional learning opportunities throughout the year. Our educators are warm, caring, qualified professionals who are carefully chosen through a selection process designed to determine their ability to meet the needs of children. Individually, and within learning communities, educators review, discuss, share and reflect on topics that are relevant to providing quality care for children and effective support for families.  We value positive and responsive relationships with families. By engaging families in a meaningful way, this partnership ensures that we are able to focus on their child’s social, emotional, physical, creative and cognitive development in a holistic way. 

First-Rate Program Offerings


At the Mulberry Bush we provide an environment that fosters curiosity and allows children to explore freely. By recognizing and acting upon teachable moments, our staff engage children in activities that are meaningful and relevant to their own environment.  We view children as competent, capable of complex thinking, and rich in potential. By observing the children’s daily interactions and language, we learn about their interests, experiences, as well as their needs. We believe that each child deserves the proper encouragement and space to try new things, explore their new ideas and develop in their own unique way. 

Our Mission


Our mission at Mulberry Bush is to provide the utmost care for your child. We provide an inclusive, safe and comfortable home-like environment. Our educators believe that children are competent, capable, curious and rich in potential. We believe that your child’s health, safety, nutrition and well-being is the most important and therefore it is our priority to provide the best care for each child and their individual needs. Our educators observe, engage, encourage and document your child daily. We work together with all families so that your child’s experience at the Mulberry Bush is the best it can be. We accomplish this by having open communication with families through daily conversations and documentations. We truly believe that this is the key to success!